Roskilde - The Orange City

Ever since the first Roskilde Festival in the 1970s, the colour orange has been linked up with Roskilde in a very special way. This is of course first of all due to the festival’s famous Canopy Stage. But in the course of time, orange has developed to be more than just a colour in Roskilde. The colour orange is a symbol of self-assurance, courage, daring, spontaneousness and creativity – and orange also stands for joy, warmth, energy and excitement. These are the values that we think are characteristic of Roskilde throughout the year – not just for the eight days in July that Roskilde Festival is on.

Roskilde is a city that has the courage to do things in its own way. We dare to think creatively and to choose solutions that do not always comply with norms. One of the examples, opening in late 2015, is the Danish Rock Museum – with its golden front and long red carpet, this is not the kind of structure you see around much. At the same time, small container shops are popping up at Musicon where artist craftsmen, galleries and other creative professions are also to move in during the coming year. Another example of the non-traditional solutions that characterise the development of our city are the plans for an underground promotion centre for Roskilde Cathedral.

Orange is a general state, an attitude and part of our special way of doing things – part of our city’s DNA. We look forward to welcoming you ”the orange way”.

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