A culinary exploration in Roskilde

Accomodation and Restaurant tips

Where would you like to stay and eat when you are visiting Roskilde? On this site we recommend the hotels, inns, campingsites and B&B that Roskilde offer for a good night's sleep! And further below you find inspiration to a good dinner out. Discover foods and delicacies known around Roskilde

Hoteller og Kroer i Roskilde

Hotels & Inns

We give you a magnificent fjord view

Bed & Breakfast

Want to try cozy & local accomodation?

Natural campsites

Natural campsites

Get a close-up experience with nature, cultural history and landscapes by spending the night in the open. Throughout the countryside of Roskilde there are several good shelters, which are free to use and are beautifully situated near the fjord.


New Nordic? Vegan or Viking? Traditional Smörrebröd? Fast or Gourmet? - Roskilde is for all tastes and we recommend the many restaurants to visit here: 






Eat at Roskildes atmospheric Inns & Hotels

Try out the very danish and cosy inns' restaurants around Roskilde

Dining with a view

Try out the unique places that offers a great and extraordinary view

Guide: The most important meal of the day

Try out the unique places that offers a great brunch and breakfast in Roskilde

RO:KOST food festival - local produce

The second week of October you can visit a selection of Roskilde's best restaurants and get a menu with local produce at a fixed price.