Follow in the Vikings’ footsteps and enjoy the beautiful countryside around Roskilde. Put on your hiking shoes and get unique nature experiences combined with plenty of exercise and fresh air.

Nationalpark Skjoldungernes Land

Viking burial mounds, beautiful forests, and fjord landscapes are part of Denmark's newest national park, Skjoldungernes Land.

Tips for experiencing the nationalpark

The National Park Skjoldungernes Land contains a wealth of natural and cultural historical values, and here are recommended a number of places of visit and natural areas in the Roskilde.

Natural areas

Do you also love the feeling of renewed energy and warm, rosy cheeks after a wonderful day in the nature? Read here about the natural areas in Roskilde and get inspiration to your next adventure.

Natural campsites

Natural campsites

Get a close-up experience with nature, cultural history and landscapes by spending the night in the open. Throughout the countryside of Roskilde there are several good shelters, which are free to use and are beautifully situated near the fjord.

See Roskilde by bike

See Roskilde by bike

Jump on your bike and see the beautiful countryside around Roskilde. Get inspired for a one-day trip or a couple of hours on two wheels here.