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The beautiful fjords of Zealand, Roskilde Fjord and Isefjord frame the unique experiences in the facinating nature of glacial origin.

Fjordlandet - Copenhagen Countryside is the five municipalities surrounding the two fjords; Frederikssund, Roskilde, Lejre, Holbæk and Odsherred, that have come together to create the best experiences for all ages and interests.

Here you can find diversified nature experiences and a unique cultural history, which is breathtaking.

Get inspired for your next fishtrip in the Fjords, taste local produce from the generous land, take the awardwinning biketrip around the fjords, explore UNESCO Geopark or experience the history of the famous danish vikings.

Spis, sejl og fisk som en viking

Kom på fisketur fra et vikingeskib og tilbered din fisk ligesom vikingerne gjorde det.




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