Follow in the footsteps of the Vikings

The countryside around Roskilde is fantastic. The city is located with a view of Roskilde Fjord, and you don’t have to go far from the city centre before a unique Viking landscape unfolds, with gentle hills, green fields and vigorous forest. It’s not difficult to see why the Vikings chose to build a town right here. What would it be like to follow in their footsteps?

Well, you can find out – by following the footpaths of the royal dynasty, Skjoldungerne. They are known as the Skjoldungestier, and they form a network of footpaths that run, for instance, from Roskilde to the nice old village of Gammel Lejre. According to legend, this was the home of Skjoldungerne.
The hike will take you through swamp forest, past prehistoric barrows, stone walls, water mills, and other cultural and historical monuments. And there are several places you can camp or find shelter for the night.

So put on your hiking boots – and get the hiking map of the Skjoldungestier from the Tourist Office. And don’t forget to download the Skjoldungestier app for your mobile phone, so you can easily find your way.

Happy hiking – and take care of the countryside!

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