Go Orange RE.USED festival

Go Orange RE.USED

 A town festival in true Roskilde spirit is launched in this year's Go Orange RE.USED with its focus on 'orange values'  – creativity and spontaneity – and packed with a host of great experiences from 23 June to 30 July.

The theme of the festival is re-use and ’upcycling’ – inspired by the current trend and by Roskilde Festival who has worked with projects of this kind for several years.

Come and experience the new Go Orange RE.USED summer festival that revives the townscape with impressive scrap sculptures, imaginative window displays and join-in building projects for the whole family.


Go Orange RE.USED takes place with the support of Roskilde Municipality, DSV Transport, Bauhaus Roskilde, DanWEEE, Spar Nord, CP Container, Grønager Grafisk and gensalg.dk.

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