Nationalpark Skjoldungernes Land

A 30-minute drive from Copenhagen takes you direct into Denmark's new national park, Skjoldungernes Land. Here man has lived since the beginning of time, leaving still visible traces.

The national park is a great experience to visit, covering 170 square kilometres of unique scenery, cultural history and one of Denmark's most beautiful Ice Age landscapes with rolling hills and large river valleys. 
The area holds a mosaic of scenic gems in store for you to discover on bike or on foot. The many paths, shelters and tours available in the national park are a close-up experience with nature, cultural history and landscapes.

’The blue part' of the national park offers visits to Roskilde Fjord with beach meadows, coastal slopes, islands and islets – and a birdlife of international class.

’The green part' allows you to get lost in the huge deciduous forests of Central Sealand with their clearings, footpaths, shelters and clean bathing lakes.

Travelling in time

Very few places in Denmark have a density of barrows and ancient monuments to compare with the national park, Skjoldungernes Land. In Gl. Lejre, you can explore a number of impressive Viking halls.

Other sights here are the shipsetting and a wide range of great finds, all of it testifying to the importance of the area as a centre of power in the Iron Age and the Viking Age.

According to the Icelandic sagas, the Skjoldunge family - that gave the national park its name - had their headquarters here. In the large protected landscapes surrounding manors and estates, you can experience five castles and manor houses with lime avenues and parks. To top it all, visit the medieval city of Roskilde with its Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde Cathedral and several other interesting attractions. 
Visit the national park Get tour suggestions and a list of places to visit plus events from the Tourist Office or the national park's website.

This is also where you can get maps and download the app for the 40 km walking route along the Skjoldunge paths that cover the length and breadth of the national park.

Read more about the many activities and experiences on nationalparkskjoldungernesland website

Nationalpark Skjoldungernes Land:

Total area:  170 km2
Acreage:  108 km2
Fjord:  62 km2
Preserved areas:  65 km2 (approx 60 % of the area)
Natura 2000:  89 km2 (approx 52 % the area)
Private areas:  87 km2 (approx 80 % of the area)
Coastline:  99 km in the inner Roskilde Fjord
North to south:  28 km
East to West:  19 km
Ancient monuments:  145 units
3 municipalities:       Roskilde, Lejre, Frederiksund


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Adress & Contact:

Nationalpark Skjoldungernes Land
Ledreborg Alle 2B
4320 Lejre

Life, community and cooperation 

The national park is to protect nature and cultural history, but it is also an area where people live. One of the national park's fundamental values is that development is to take place in concert and cooperation with the local residents.

Part of the landscape is privately owned. Guests and tourists are welcome at the places to visit and everywhere else on the national park's roads and paths that are open to the public.