8 reasons to visit Roskilde by bike

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike." ...these are the words of John F. Kennedy and we couldn't agree more!

It is 201 years since the bicycle was invented and the world's first bicycle ride was run in 1817. Since then, the bicycle has been rolled through war and peace, women's struggle, environmental activism and been part of holidays and the active lifestyle. In Roskilde there is ample opportunity to step on the pedals and experience our beautiful landscape by bike!
That's why we have compiled 8 routes where you can get wind in your hair, red cheeks and experience Roskilde and the surrounding area by bike. Enjoy!



Roskilde Domkirke og Stændertorvet
Roskilde Turistbureau

Hent kort over følgende cykelruter på turistbureauet:

Roskilde Cykelkort
Gudernes stræde
De 4 færger - Fjordlandet

Stændertorvet 1,
4000 Roskilde

Cykelruter i Fjordlandet

I Fjordlandet er der en række gode cykelruter af varierende længde og med forskellige temaer.

Ferie på cykel

Video: På cykel gennem Fjordlandet