Indendørs aktiviteter i Roskilde

Indoor activities in Roskilde

Are you home? - and do you need some inspiration for nice things to do with the kids? Then we have compiled a small guide to activities here. Remember to follow the instructions of the National Board of Health in connection with COVID-19.

color Roskilde by Kirsten Lehrmann Madsen
Paint artistic flowers

Here you can download nice drawings of spring plants painted by the local artist Kirsten Lehrmann Madsen. They are ideal for families with children to color. It is primarily forest plants that can be found in Boserup Forest right now


Farvelæg Domkirken ROMU
Color Roskilde Cathedral

The tranquility spreads as the colors spread over the paper. Coloring has again become popular with children and adults and has a proven stress-relieving effect. We have compiled a small coloring book for you with big icons from Roskilde and the surrounding area.

Opskrifter som i gamle dage ROMU
Recipes from the old days - Roskilde anno 1920

On the days when the wind is raining and the rain is pouring down, it's nice to go in the kitchen and bake something sweet to keep your mood up. Here is a small collection of recipes for cakes and sweet things from Roskilde in the old days.

Bisque homekit
Bisque - Home painting kit

While taking care of yourself at home, you can enjoy painting one of our first 8 Bisque Home Kits. Choose a package, choose colors and send an email to You pick up the package, paint at home and then hand over the painted to us. We glaze, burn and get ready for pickup. Order before 11am and pick up your Home-Kit the same day between 14-16. See more at (under menu item: About Bisque)

Algade31 Roskilde
Be creative with the kids with tips

Algade31 will in the coming weeks come up with a number of ideas for what you can do with the children while Denmark is closed down❤️


Farvelæg vikingeskibe
La Ring mal
Farvelæg L.A Ring Maleri

På L.A. Rings maleri fra 1904 er børnene stimlet sammen for at høre på lirekassen, som lirekassemanden spiller på. Vælg selv, om du vil bruge Rings farver – eller dine helt egne, når du farver billedet. Maleriet er fra før radioens og telefonernes tid. For de fleste af børnene var musik nok mest noget, de hørte og sang i skolen eller kirken.

Byens Hus i Roskilde
Sammen Hver For Sig


Og lige nu må vi bruge kulturen sammen – hver for sig. Derfor en særlig corona-udgave af månedsplakaten fra Byens hus.