Torvedag i Roskilde

Shop til you drop in Denmark’s best shopping city 

If you enjoy nothing more than a good shopping trip with a bunch of girlfriends or a more relaxed trip for two to check out the latest fashions, then Roskilde is the right destination.

In 2012 Roskilde was named Denmark’s best shopping city. Roskilde has a wide variety of exciting shops to suit every taste and budget. The city also has a great selection of vintage and second-hand shops.

Gågaden i Roskilde
Shops in Roskilde

Maybe you are looking for a specific kind of store or items? Get an overview of the shops in Roskilde here.

Gutzag vintage butik
Secondhand and vintage

If you enjoy secondhand and vintage, you will find a wide range of shopping opportunities in Roskilde. 

Vivaldi, Stændertorvet og Domkirken
In need of a break?

At Roskildes caféen and restaurants you can have nice meal and beverages.

Turist info VisitRoskilde
Remember a souvenir

At VisitRoskilde you will find souvenirs from Roskilde to bring back home or give to a friend. Posters, Magnets and postcards! you can also buy stamps at the tourist office

Farver Hammergård
Art galleries in Roskilde

If you are interested in buying local crafts to bring back home, you should visit the many small galleries.

Museum shop Roskilde Museum

In the museum shop you will find an exciting selection of items ranging from historic jewelry and toys to books, local drinks and more. Many of the items come with a little history link. In the shop you can also buy a ticket for the museum's exhibitions as well as the museum's various events.



Roskilde offers 2,300 public parking spaces and plenty of private car parks – several of them in the very city centre.

Parking is free for a minimum of 2 hours within the downtown parking zone – if you just don’t forget to set the parking disc. The parking disc is set to the time of arrival and is placed on the right hand side of the windscreen. Then you can park free of charge!

If you don’t have a parking disc, you can get one for free at the Tourist Office, in several local shops or at one of Roskilde’s many attractions. 

See here where you may park for free next time you visit Roskilde:

Parking map

Opening hours

Opening hours

These are the recommended opening hours for shops in Roskilde.

Monday         10 am - 6 pm
Tuesday        10 am - 6 pm
Wednesday   10 am - 6 pm
Thursday       10 am - 6 pm
Friday.           10 am - 6 pm
Saturday.       10 am – 3 pm

First Sunday of the month 11 am – 3 pm.

*) Super markets, byggemarkeder og restauranter har udvidede åbningstider.

Enkelte butikker har åbningstider der afviger fra de anbefalede tider.
Tjek eventuelt butikkens åbningstider på deres hjemmeside som du finder under medlemmer
– eller kontakt butikken på telefon, som du også finder under medlemmer.


Open by Night i 2019:

I 2019 er der aftenåbent helt frem til kl. 21 på følgende dage:

Fredag d. 10. maj – se mere her Roskilde Unplugged
Fredag d. 30. august – Roskilde Revue – program for aftenen følger
Fredag d.  29. november – BLACK FRIDAY åbent til 22


Julens åbningstider 2019:

Lørdag den 23. november: Juletræstænding 10-16 

Søndag den 1. december 10-15 

Mandag den 2. til fredag den 6. december 10-18 

Lørdag og søndag den 7. og 8. december 10-15 

Mandag den 9. til fredag den 13. december 10-18 

Lørdag og søndag den 14. og 15. december 10-15 

Mandag den 16. til mandag den 23. december 10-19 

Tirsdag den 31. december 10-14