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Special Events of the Year in Roskilde

Roskilde Festival

Outstanding Music Experiences

Roskilde Festival

The annual cultural and music festival, Roskilde Festival. The Northern Europe's largest and has existed since 1971.

Roskilde Jazz Days

Roskilde Jazz Days is the annual Jazz Festival at Roskilde Harbour. You can experience everything from contemporary jazz to traditional, blues and swi...

"Play Danish" week

"Play Danish" Week in week 44 is the party of the year for Danish music. You can experience danish artists such as Uffe Lorenzen, RebekkaMaria and Jaz...

Ild i Gilden festival

For 3 days, Gildesgård in Kamstrup is transformed into a cozy festival for approx. 200 participants who emphasize in presenting, experiencing, innovat...