Classic car meet at the harbour

From April to October car enthusiasts meet at Roskilde Harbour every thursday from 5 pm to 10 pm. Come and admire their classic and antique cars and have a chat with the car owners.

You can always find a good excuse to stay a bit longer in Roskilde. One of them is the weekly classic and veteran car meet at Roskilde City Hall. Every Thursday night from April to October, the parking lot presents a colourful sight, attracting car enthusiasts and others with petrol in the blood. On view here are all kinds of cars: smart retro sports cars, glittering lengthy models, yesterday’s modest everyday cars and ’rolling car projects’. Common to all the cars is their age, minimum 25 years, and that they are still rolling along.

It was by a coincidence that the car meet came into being on a private initiative in 2005, when a local couple, Anne and Jakob Leth, visited Roskilde Harbour in their own classic car. They would like to meet other people with the same passion, spread the word – and shortly two cars were joined by a several others. Actually so many that today you can count up to 500 cars on a warm summer evening. Therefor there are plenty of colourful classics and ’veterans’ to look at – and ample opportunity to have a nice chat with the proud car owners.

Don’t miss a home made hot dog from ’Pølsebrødet’, an old VW (of course) rebuilt to serve as a mobile hot dog cart.

Every thursday from may - september from 5pm - 9pm