Fjordstien in Roskilde (30 or 47 km)

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4000 Roskilde

"Fjordstien" is a 275-km cycle trail around Isefjord and Roskilde Fjord marked with blue signs. You can bike, wander or kayak along the route.

Follow the route along the fjords and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea, the smell and the breeze. The route follows old trails in fields and forests, however, mixed with newly constructed paths and tarmacked roads everywhere prioritising traffic safety and close proximity to the Fjord. 

In Hornsherred between Isefjord and Roskilde Fjord, the landscape benefits from the unique lighting from two fjords and sweeping views of islands and islets teeming with bird life, and out as far as Bognæs. To the west, the coast comprises steep inclines and to the east, flat salt marshes. The many Stone Age graves, notably to be found near Isefjord, bear witness to ancient settlements. From the big hill in Ryegaard Dyrehave, you can enjoy the renowned view across the bay of Bramsnæsvig and Dejligheden

From Frederikssund to Roskilde, 30 km: See the map here

From Roskilde to Holbæk, 47 km: See the map here



4000 Roskilde


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Length in km. (Fra Frederikssund til Roskilde, 30 km.Fra Roskilde)


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