My Roskilde - Marie Bertelsen recommends

Marie Berthelsen (Culture Coordinator of Roskilde Municipality) recommends:

One of my favourite places in Roskilde is the travertine church of St. Ib. Church functions no longer take place here, but the empty interior is an experience in itself – a beautiful, peaceful spot, on some occasions providing the setting for concerts and other events. Gråbrødre Cemetery is another fantastic oasis in the heart of town.

Several well known Danish personalities lie buried here – including the author Gustav Wied and the composer C.E.F. Weyse. The pretty chapel is also a delight to the eye. And speaking of chapels ... if you are a fan of good art and music in a beautiful, although gloomy, setting, a visit to the reopened chapel in St. Hans Garden is a must.

It was formerly used for post-mortems and funeral services for deceased patients from St. Hans Psychiatric Hospital. Today, exciting exhibitions and concerts are often staged in the building.