My Roskilde - Tina recommends

Tina Sundling (Shop Manager, Roskilde Museum) recommends:

Art, history and water – those are the three elements you will meet over and over again while strolling the streets of Roskilde. The street scene offers art and historic buildings everywhere, add to this the famous springs at which the town was founded – and the beautiful fjord just a few steps from central Roskilde. And you can see it all on foot.

You could start from Hestetorvet square with the three impressive jars by the artist Peter Brandes. Proceed along the pedestrian street and turn into Rosenhavestræde, where the handsome fountain in the street paving leads you on to Ragnarok, a sculpture by the artist Bjørn Nørgaard. Just opposite, stands Roskilde Museum in the former sugar factory, beautifully decorated by Danish artists. Continue your tour past the Cathedral – making a detour to Maglekilden (the Magle Spring) before crossing through the city park Byparken on your way down to the fjord.